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On Tuesday April 10, 2018 former Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno visited the middle school students of Woodbine Elementary School. Staff and students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades were able to meet and discuss several topics such as women in leadership, dedication and drive, and continuing to work toward desired goals.  

The former Lieutenant Governor presented three key messages to the students.  The first was to always work harder and be prepared. If you do that, you can be anything you want to be.  The second was to keep in touch with the people in this room, as you will need them as much as they will need you.  You never know who may be the next governor growing up.  The last important message was, “Talk with your siblings.  You are the example.  As you do amazing events, pull people up there with you.  You may just be their motivator.”

Woodbine Elementary staff and students asked questions about her experiences and favorite events from being in her leadership positions.  

She discussed her time running for Sheriff of Monmouth County during which she made the point that all of the things she was told she couldn’t do as a woman running for sheriff gave her the drive to continue forward for what she wanted and believed in.

The former Lieutenant Governor shared that the catalyst for her political career was the simple event of a school bus route being changed, making her children walk across an unsafe highway at a young age. As a result of that incident, she ran for commissioner.

Her closing comments reflected her message, “You never know where life will take you.  Always put in the effort and be the example.”


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Each month the students are nominated for having the following character traits:

September - Responsibility                                           October - Respect

November - Citizenship                                                 December - Caring

January - Goal Setting                                                   February - Fairness

March - Honesty                                                             April - Trustworthiness

May - Cooperation